Inprenha Biotechnology Laboratory

The Inprenha Biotechnology Laboratory is modern is follows Norms of the Ministry of Agriculture (according to DECREE MAPA No. 5053 of April 22, 2004) for the adequacy of installations, aiming the production of veterinary products from the biology line.

It has a cohesive, practical and modern infrastructure, aiming the production of products with ensured quality. Among the installations, it has an area for bottling finished products with Clean Room Certification (classification ISO8), ensuring a safe environment for handling products at the end part of the productive process.

For handling the OGM follows norms of WHO/CDS/CSR/LYO/2003.4 and CTNBio), whose infrastructure is even greater than required by international norms, confirming the profile responsible for quality warranty and safety of its employees, the environment and its products.

Follow strict production and quality control norms (according to ACT No. 7, FROM SEPTEMBER 04, 2006, Script for the Inspection of Good Practices for the Manufacture of Veterinary Products of Biological Class/MAPA) even for product exempt of register at MAPA, as in the case of the semen diluter (according to the Ofício Circular 04/2012/CPV/DFIP/MAPA).

Keep a strict quality control of the water used for the manufacture of its products, following as a standard the European Pharmacopoeia (4th.ed., 2003) for ultrapure water quality. The production system is validated according to the mentioned pharmacopoeia, which acceptable standard can be viewed HERE:

The Inprenha Biotechnology Laboratory is dully regularized at surveillance authorities such as MAPA, CRMV-SP, CETESB and CTNBio